Data defines the model by dint of genetic programming, producing the best decile table.

Creating Time-On-File Variable
Bruce Ratner, Ph.D.
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Objective: To create a Time-On-File (months) variable, an important variable for acquisition and retention modeling, as well as for segmentation.



data dates_on_file;
input name $ date_on_file :mmddyy10.;
Abe 12/31/1973
Bruce 02/28/1976
Charles 03/29/1976
Dain 03/01/1976
Everett 12/12/1976
Frank 02/14/1971
George 11/09/1967
Hanks 07/02/1955
Irwin 07/30/1960
Jake 06/23/1959

data months_on_file;
set   dates_on_file;
date_data_pulled ='15apr2002'd;

Months_on_File          = int(intck('month',date_on_file,date_data_pulled));
if month(date_on_file)  = month(date_data_pulled)
then Months_on_File   = Months_on_File - (day(date_on_file )> day(date_data_pulled));
format  date_on_file date_data_pulled worddate20.;

proc print;
title2 ' Calculating Months_on_File ';

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