Data defines the model by dint of genetic programming, producing the best decile table.

GenIQ Model Software: Nonrandom Words of Praise

“GenIQ stands at the very top of the mountain of predictive modeling, combining visual tree-based methods with Genetic Programming. Dr Ratner has created one of the finest predictive modeling software packages. His unique perspective, and keen insight, into the challenges posed by high dimensional data are a breath of fresh air, in the world of predictive modeling, and general data mining. His flagship product, GenIQ, is a remarkable achievement.” "I am 100% convinced that GenIQ is the finest predictive modeling tool of all …seriously."
          Brian Watt, Chief Risk Officer, Chief Financial Officer, GECC

"GenIQ is one of the finest predictive tools in the DM industry..It's amazing how fast it improves the lift ratio & optimizes the decile table compared to traditional methods...And as you already know those gains are translated into huge cost savings and DM revenue opportunities for our clients..It also generates the scoring code for you..It's a great optimization tool.." 
          Dimo Kostopoulos, Data Mining & Modeling Director, Harte-Hanks

"It is always interesting to see GenIQ find relationships beyond what one can find with ordinary methods. GenIQ is truly the best data mining tool." 
          Mats Lagerqvist, Chief Research Officer, Nordax Finans

"GenIQ the most powerful method, I've seen, for predictive modeling, especially data mining. GenIQ adds one more dimension of flexibility than traditional methods when building a model: letting the 'data define a model’ through choosing among arithmetic, mathematic, and trigonometric, etc. functions. Believe me, Bruce, your GenIQ approach will become the dominate methods in Predictive Modeling world soon. And, I see your passion and enthusiasm to broadcast the ‘good news’ to the Predictive Modeling world. Usually good things are not easily accepted at the beginning, especially when challenging to the traditional method with certain authorities or popularity."
           Ling Zhang, Senior Statistician, LexisNexis

"Bruce, I was pointed to your work by a colleague. He appeared very impressed and he isn't impressed very often by software. GenIQ looks excellent and rather sophisticated in concept and execution compared to SPSS/SAS. The model building side of GenIQ seems very clever indeed." 
          Research Officer, Australia

"I absolutely enjoy using your GenIQ Model Software, but more importantly the benefits are obvious both in terms of productive and performance."
          Olumide Sonubi, Consulting Statistician for DM Industry 

“Within the data mining space, I look for software that provides three key benefits. One is ease of use. Second is accuracy of results, and third is ease of interpretation of results. GenIQ is that tool that more than satisfies these demands. It can be learned very quickly. Results are outstanding, and compare favorably to other tools, and insights that are learned from the final results are particularly interesting and useful.”
          Sam Koslowsky, V.P. Modeling Solutions, Harte-Hanks

"GenIQ has two grand advantages over traditional model development: It takes much less effort by the modeler, and it produces better results. The labor savings are obvious: no need to preselect variables, identify appropriate data transformations, define likely relationships among variables or assess alternative models. Hands-on effort is reduced literally from days to minutes.
          David Raab, Software Reviewer for DMNews (For complete review, click here.)

“We have been using Bruce Ratner’s genetic programming software for the past several years. Within my organization, we have been able to gain substantial increases in several areas of our practice through the use of GenIQ. First, we have been able to incorporate it into our rapid model prototyping for clients. Within a day or two, we are able to consult with our clients regarding the likely impact of applying predictive analytics to their business problems. GenIQ also serves as an automated variable assessment tool, providing us with insight into which variables are important for predicting the behavior of interest. GenIQ has been fully integrated into our end data mining processes, accelerating model development by approximately 30%.”
          John Georgeson, Ph.D., Sr. Director, Analytics, BI, Convergys

"GenIQ is a powerful optimization tool. It can find relationships that an analyst couldn’t think of. GenIQ is the ultimate data mining tool for response and profit models. When I need more lift, I call on GenIQ. I built traditional statistical models in which I just needed to improve the performance by 10%: GenIQ typically finds 65% more lift. As you know, 65% translates directly into revenue opportunity!”
          Sharona Sankar–Waters, Associate Director, Digitas

"I've had several statistical modeling projects where a bit-of-extra predictive power could not be teased out of the available data. In those cases, GenIQ enabled me to develop quite reasonable models, which validated nicely. It's certainly a very powerful addition to my analytic tool kit."
          Bilal Karriem, Director Decision Sciences Rapp Collins

"I'm sure this is not the last we will hear about this interesting and useful technique - the GenIQ Model." 
          Informs NY News Item, Notes from Nov. 12, 2003

"GenIQ Model Software it very easy to use, and results are stable on unseen data. A great product!" 
          Rich Meyer, Consultant for Data Mining Industry

"I seek software that has three benefits that are essential and intrinsic to the software-in-itself. One is ease of use. Two is accuracy of results, and three is ease of interpretation of results. GenIQ is that tool that more than satisfies the first two benefits. Regarding GenIQ’s interpretability is it unique, but very insightful. It can be learned very quickly. Results are outstanding, and compare favorably to other tools."
          Biili Swimmy, V.P. Sales & Marketing, Exxon

“GenIQ replaces EDA, ergo, a time-saver! One does not have to worry about smoothing the variables and selection of predictors. However, GenIQ puts the modeler in a trade-off position: a superior predictive (GenIQ) model versus a lesser-predictive (statistical) model’s interpretability. To recommend GenIQ with its better results along with its complex appearance, or recommend a good predictive regression model with its coefficients, yielding ease of understanding? GenIQ without coefficients does make the task of explaining the model rather difficult. But, customer profiling of the deciles is an easy ‘fix’ to GenIQ’s otherwise ill interpretability. GenIQ is a good, solid application for database modelers. I will spread the word ‘GenIQ’ among my colleagues to seriously consider it.”
          Nagaraju Thogiti, Database Analyst, PCMall

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